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Preci Painting is proud to support the vision of the Children's Global Hygiene Foundation and has been nominated by its founder Mr Keith Gregory to be their major sponsor.  Preci Painting is committed to its support of the foundation and the GrimeStoppers inititive.  For more information please click on the links below.

"The Children’s Global Hygiene Foundation is an initiative to unite and empower children in Australia and around the world through the global club GrimeStoppers.


This will allow children to address such issues as hygiene through ready access to soap and water.



To influence families in both indigenous and non indigenous communities that impact on the health and well being of all, and to have government address broader issues, relating to children through social media campaigns.


Through one united voice children can influence the world.


The new GrimeStoppers site will be live August 2013 when an ambitious project to empower children to influence hygiene standards in all communities around the world will commence across Australia. This will be the beginning of what is envisaged to become an initiative in every country throughout the world.

The current campaign will be led by Bindi Irwin and many other celebrities who will call all children to join with her in up loading their own You Tube videos through GrimeStoppers web site motivating government to provide hygiene legislation for schools.

The success of the initiative will depend on principals, teachers and parents encouraging our children and giving them a voice within our community.

The ‘GrimeStoppers’ are a group of children from Earth who have been selected by the Celestial Guardians from the Intergalactic Health Council to carry out a very important mission. Adult Earthlings have failed to protect the world from the invasion of super germs,  bacteria and viruses. Now it is up to the children to band together to save the world from infection by fighting the spread of disease with soap, water and good hygiene practices.


5000 children each day are dying which could have been prevented by just washing their hands regularly with soap and water.  The ‘GrimeStoppers’ around the world are now banding together forming The Legions of Defense ensuring all have the protection that soap and water gives to save lives.

The Australian Indigenous Children’s Initiative

Auntie Carol Petterson’s vision is to see that the aboriginal people be empowered to bring about changes in their own communities. The Australian Indigenous Children’s Initiative is about empowering indigenous children to influence hygiene outcomes in their own communities.



Carol is a champion of all aboriginal people when it comes to community hygiene. A Noongar/Ngadu woman from the south-east coast of Western Australia. She has lived and worked in Albany for most of her life, and is well-known throughout the Noongar nation as a tireless worker for her people. She has been very active in Indigenous affairs for over 40 years.



Carol was a principal adviser to the Premier of Western Australia on womens issues, and has been appointed to many state and Commonwealth committees and boards covering issues such as Indigenous health, welfare, education and training.

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